Go with yourself in your pace, baby girl


There are times when we feel everything is going down on us. And everyone we care about is onto us for doing something in life like they are doing and sometimes so are you, on yourself. Nobody likes giving you the freedom to choose or for you to go with the pace your life has provided you with.

There is always someone asking if you have decided anything yet. Like – when are you going to get the job, when are you going to get married, when are you going to get kids, and the list goes on. We have all been in this kind of a situation and we all know very well that how much it sucks. And how much you just want to be invisible and shut the noise off. But the thing is, you’re not alone, and you yourself know that.

In these kinds of situations, people win if you start feeling withdrawn. And that is what they expect you to do, that is why they come around your neck in the first place – to feel superior to you. But you have to fight this. You have to accept that what they fee is right and also that your life path is right. There can always be two rights at one single moment. Go forward in life and your aims with a positive and nonjudgmental opinion. It is always better to accept both the truths – yours and theirs – and continue with your life without the feeling of hatred towards people who mean a lot to you.

When you feel like you’re losing your fight with yourself in dealing with the pressure people put on you – just take a break. Go out for a solo drive, put in your favorite music, go for a jog, go to the gym, go to the dance class, do whatever your heart feels good in. Just don’t put yourself down. It never works that way. We kee telling others that life is short but we sometimes forget it when it comes to us.

We forget that life is short and we’re wasting it living off the pressure people put on us. It is your life and you gotta do what you gotta do, right? So don’t let the world tell you what you have to do, if they do, don’t let it bother you so much that you shut down. Life will always be filled with such people. Learn to accept them and learn to accept yourself. You are amazing. Don’t give someone the power to dim your light, baby girl.

So go out there and shine your brightest, everyone has goals in their lives, and you will get there, sooner or later. Don’t let disappointments get down on you and tell you that you can’t do it. Because you know you can. Don’t let anyone tell you differently, not even yourself. You’ve got this, girl. Keep your chin up and your head held high and keep doing your thang cause you know the world ain’t the same without your sunshine. Good luck, girl, the world is waiting for you to reflect and shine.

Because no one does it

like you do it yourself

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Cheers, love.

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Believe you can, and you’re halfway there

You know what sets you free? Believing in yourself.

Nothing in the world can make you feel better and motivated than you yourself. You are your lone source of happiness.
We’ve all heard about manifesting. Whether it works or not, but we sure do know that the more we focus on our happiness and the good in our life, the happier we feel. And the more we think about sadness, the more empty we feel.

So, if that can work for happiness, it sure can work for motivation.

Wake up every day and know that you are going to kill it today. Wake up every day – happy and motivated. Take your time to think about the good in your life and all you want to achieve in that day. Trust yourself. If you won’t trust yourself, then how will others trust you?
You make yourself for the world and your future. If you believe in your future, it will surely happen.

Wake up every day and take five minutes, where you close your eyes and think about the good in your life. Think about all the blessings you have and what all you want to achieve on that particular day.

Thinking about the good in your life can send ‘happy’ signals to your brain, which in turn make you feel good throughout the day. We are our thoughts. Manifest your desires, and you’ll meet them halfway to you.

Practice this for a few days and you’ll see the change in your mood.

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Have a little faith, beautiful. The world is waiting for you.