Loving yourself

How many of us love ourselves? How many of us really do adore every single inch of our body and every little element of our soul? Well, each one of us should.

The only way you can be truly, madly, and deeply happy is when you love yourself with every ounce of your heart. Being tetchy about something as little as the texture of your hair to something as huge as the story of your life won’t help. I guess everything in your life has a reason behind it, be it why you lost your much-loved sweater or why you couldn’t reach on time on your first date. For the latter I would say, “Maybe you’ve a better date ahead, just a matter of time!”

What really stuns me is the fact that we expect everyone around us, well, if not the whole world, to love us for who we are when we don’t feel the same for our own self. Isn’t it hilarious? You invest in something you expect an outcome from, you fight for the things you believe in, you promote stuff you are interested in and likewise you would expect people to be fond of you if you like yourself in the first place. Now that you get the basic picture let us talk about being happy.

Easier said than done, right? But contrary to what some of us think, it is not rocket science. Remember when you were a little girl and life was blissful? You sure do. The secret behind life being so trouble-free and uncomplicated was that you knew how to be happy with the little things you had. Daddy gifted you a new toy on Christmas, your class in-charge chose you to be the class monitor or one fine day you didn’t get any homework; such little things made you so happy that you used to jump with jubilation. Where did this feeling get lost? Maybe while growing up our expectations grew up too.

Try to find happiness in the little things that happen each day. We usually don’t notice or give luck enough credit for such little packets of joy. What if you got up one day and found some of your hair turned grey due to reasons unknown? Sounds funny, I know! But really, what if one day you don’t even get up to see the next day of your life? Why do we consider the awful things that did happen to us rather than considering the worse things which could have happened? The moment you feel terrible about something just look around. You might find someone in an even more dreadful situation. Had you been in their shoes, you would have been even more miserable that day. Yeah, you might also end up finding someone in the best of their disposition. Don’t you dare feel dejected! It simply wasn’t your day, but luckily days change!

The bottom line here is, you have to follow the golden rule which says, “Love yourself. Try to love the people and things around, too.”  Life becomes effortless.

I’m my favorite person, are you?  Try this and see how the magic works.

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Image credits: Pinterest