Society and You

I succeeded because I did what the society told me, said no one ever.

I bet more than half of us think about the society’s reaction before doing every damn thing! Be it wearing a dress you really love or choosing the career you actually want to, let’s accept, that almost all of us consider what views the people around us would have on our choices. We are always in a dilemma that if do this one particular thing, will the society be okay with it? We have to think a thousand times about their reaction to the things we want. Don’t you think that is way too much attention towards the general public and putting our dilemmas and their views before our wants?

Let’s dive deep into the very reason of this mindset. Do we feel we owe something to the society? Well, no! Do we feel we’re inferior and so we need to please the people around us? Maybe some of us do think this. But what I’ve noticed and learnt till date is that the real reason behind this what-would-people-say outlook is we just can’t tolerate criticism. We care way too much about how we would be seen by those strangers around us because we can’t hear a single negative thing about ourselves. But really, why is it so? Why do everyone and every single comment matter? Isn’t it enough that we like what we do? I think it is and it is high time that you realise that you are the most important person to yourself, and this world won’t be itself if you were something different from what you are meant to be and supposed to be.

You want to dye your hair blue, dye them blue if that’s what you want. You want to wear that short summer dress that makes you feel beautiful, just wear it and show it off! Hell! If you want to divorce your husband because you’re not happy with him even trying hard for years, it’s time you leave him in the blink of an eye and move on!(Or probably do something amazing after the end like Elizabeth Gilbert did!) The world has many other people who would give you real joy. Don’t just think what the society has to say about your actions. Make your life your own in the real sense and live it in a way you have always wanted to because well, you don’t get to live a life twice. Why think twice then? It’s ridiculous to not to do what you wish to do just because of some idiotic-good-for-nothing people who couldn’t care less about you!

The fact is if people don’t want to like you then they simply won’t like you even if you’re the prettiest soul in the room! So just stop giving a damn about society’s idea of beauty or “perfect”. About the flaws you have, just embrace them and learn to flaunt them. Kill people with the grace of your imperfections and perfections. Who would have the time to care about what any other person has to say when you’re busy being the beautiful soul that you are.

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Picture credits:
Farheen Fatima
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